Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 idiots

How many of you hate your study life in University?
How many of you hate the field that you study?
Put up your hands if you are forced to study what u study.
Put up your hands if you are the worst student in your batch because you hate the course.

Are u all of the above?? What's the solution of the above problems?? The answer is so simple...
Go and watch this Hindi movie "3 Idiots". U will find your answers and succeed in your life muahaha.

Seriously, i recommend this movie, it's so hilarious and it gives a lot of good advice too.
I love rancho Chanchad/ Wungdu character in this film i wish i was like him haha.. unfortunately i'm all the above except i'm not the worst in my field :P

here are some info about this movie:

Clips from the movie. The english translation for "screw" is supposed to be "rapist".

enjoy the movie :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Addicted with satelite tv

One of the reason why i'm not updating this blog frequently due to my new Samsung LCD TV that is awesome! I'm addicted with TV again. Plus my sister is paying for the satelite tv :)

So what is the best thing that makes me addicted to this TV and satelite TV?

  • Samsung TV - it has a USB port where it can play avi, mov, jpeg, and lots of other format. So all i need to do is play all downloadable movies - no more dvd player :)
  • Satelite Tv - Entertainment News!! I love watching news about billionaires, luxury places, successful person, stupid reality shows yadyayada.
Watching those entertainment news really annoy me sometimes, they are so freaking rich.. and live like a queen. How can i not feel so envy with them. I wish i was born lucky like them. Though i have to admit they work very hard to achieve what they achieved now.

So.. i'll find time to update my blog from time to time ok!