Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thinking of him

It’s been a beautiful year, nothing change, nothing interesting happens it’s all the same years all over again. Was it bad? Nah not really, it’s pretty fun. The best thing happen to me this year was…… can’t really think of 1, probably by just having Sylvia with me makes me happy all day Smile with tongue out

I went for 2 vacations last November as the closure of this year vacation. I Went to Melaka and Lost world of Tambun in Perak. I suppose to write about it in here but I’m so lazy, probably next time.

The things I really regretted this year was my unsuccessful attempt to get Shell job. I’m proud I managed to get to the final round, but I’m so frustrated I didn’t get it. If only I get the job at Shell I will get a better salary and a better opportunity. Luckily I was promoted to senior level on the same month. I don’t know how good it is, it’s just on the name card not officially yet… u know boss tricks to make staff stay longer. Yes I will stay until the next increments.. if it’s bad I will apply another job again.

Love life? no luck yet.. I can’t find anyone I’m interested in around me though someone has admit he likes me and yeah a few wanted me to be their wife but my heart is sealed tightly, I don’t want to take any chances… I just hate it.

However, lately I realised that I am in love with someone. I’m so in love with him even though I never meet him, never really “talk” with him. He knows how to talk to me, to make me laugh whenever I’m sad. He knows how to make me happy within a few minutes even though I’m really in a bad mood. He always makes me laugh and smile and always bright my day. He knows me well enough for someone whom I never met. I just love the way we have our crazy conversations. I love the way he cares for me. I just love him. He’s so good that he don’t need to meet me, buy me things, do anything to make me fall for him. I can be my real crazy self when we chat, something that I don’t really do when I’m with my ex. I can be crazier and funnier when I talk to him. We have the same level of thinking and ridiculously ridiculous.

I regret I didn’t give chances to him.. but what can I do? I want to but I can’t…Sad smile. If only I gave him chance, but I’m just too scared.. Probably if he push me harder then probably I will hahaha.. I want to tell him I love him but I don’t think I will ever say it to him. It could be a disaster!! “Differences” always fucked me up Sad smile. Both of us are busy right now, he’s busy with he’s gun and I'm busy with software. We can’t chat everyday like we used to do.. I feel like lack of happy crazy dose whenever he’s not around.

I felt different this time around. Just having this love feeling towards him makes me smile, and thinking he is happy with his life, does makes me happy too even though he doesn’t really know my feeling towards him. And even though I don’t know how exactly he felt towards me. Does he likes me a lot or just a little or same with me (I wish hehe). I don’t know and I can’t really care much..all I know is, I just love him so much. If only I found someone like him over here.. I will not think twice Smile with tongue out.

If only I can have him, I’m sure he can make me smile all day. Reality check, I don't think I can find love just yet over here. Unless If suddenly everything change and I can be with him.. it’s such a fairy tales comes true. Dream on.. Smile with tongue out


Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Game Of Thrones

I was introduced by my friends to watch this series "Game Of Thrones", it is an American medieval fantasy television series by David Benioff and D.B Weiss, based on author George R R. Martin's best selling A Song of Ice and Fire series of fantasy novels.

It was pretty slow at first and seems like a normal medieval stories. The dramatic and tragic ending of its chapter kept me watching it non stop. It is an awesome medieval series. I love it. The best character for me is Tyrion of Lannister and Daenerys Targeryen. Tyrion is a smart ass and I love the way he manipulate his words and his straight forwardness. Daenerys is full of mysteries and beautiful.

I always love classic english and the way they used to introduce themselves... I am Tyrion the son of Tywin Lannister hehe..

I can't wait for the second season to aired... meanwhile, Im following Gossip Girl and Pretty Little liars :P

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa (The Reneau Spa) at Plaza Damas review - Rude customer service

I am so pissed off today, supposing my cheerful day out for a spa package was filled with a bad and sucks experience of customer service at this Spa: The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa (The Reneau Spa) at Plaza Damas.
The story goes like this:
I bought the 4 package for this Spa on early September and call them on 13 sept to book for 8/10/11 session. Their staff has confirmed our booking and they do not inform us about anything else.
On 8/10/11, we arrived at Spa, greeted and the supervisor was surprised as she said it's already full.
I told her I booked already and it is confirmed by her staff on 13/9/11. With a tight face, she asked did i reconfirmed again yesterday. I said, no cause I am not told to reconfirmed in fact it's already confirmed.
She asked for the staff name. I said I forgot cause its already a month and if I had, i jot it down in the office. So I asked how come my book is not listed. She said that I should reconfirmed and keep on saying that I should reconfirmed. My name is not in the list thus she said she doesnt know whether I'm telling her the truth. (WTF! how could she blame a customer! what she think that i'm an idiot or a liar and never been to a spa and didn't know that i have to booked first? so I start to piss off).
I said, perhaps she could say her staff name so that i can remember whom i spoke too. She refused cause she said they are busy so could not disturb them.. and then she cant do anything cause it's full anyway (with a rude tone). Then she disappear at the back and she's NOT YET appologize to us.
So I'm so pissed off and talked to my friend saying that she is so rude to treat us this way, no apology and no feeling of regret towards her way treating us.
Perhaps she heard our conversations, she appear again and said she's sorry. I said perhaps you can call your staff regarding this maybe your staff remember me. Again she refused!!!! she said no point to call them cause u did not reconfirmed and your name is not in the list. She said ... If u make the booking your name should be in the list.
I was angrier cause she keep on blaming us, I asked what kind of method u used in making booking, how come your staff said it is confirmed and my name is not in the list??
She said, they should tell her and she would reconfirmed to customer. She said if I call the hand phone number, most probably her staff forgot. So I said well it is your mistakes that your staff didn't jot it down. it is not our mistakes. And she replied to me arrogantly and high tone voice, "I can't say it is our mistake or anybody mistake cause there is no proof that you even make the booking, I can't say my staff is wrong." (WTF!!! she still dont want to admit her staff mistakes and being very rude to us, I even show her my email to my friends saying I called them and confirmed the date).
I told her, I don't like her tone and I don't like the way she treat us. I said I don't care because it is not my mistake that they do not do their job. To my surprise she said "I dont care either if u had make the booking or not cause your name is not in the list and it's full already I cant do anything for u". ( I really wanna slap her!!)
Immediately I asked for her boss number and will complaint about her rudeness. Fuck her.
I deal with this thing a lot and if the company make mistakes, they would just shut up and apologize for their mistakes and would recommend a better solution! This supervisor is shit! How could she keep on blaming us for not reconfirmed?? That's her job to call us and reconfirmed again!! Idiot! Obviously she did not do her job!
Don't tell me because I bought at discount prices they purposely kicked our booking! If this happened I will not hesitate to report to the tribunal. I emailed and call the manager regarding this, perhaps that supervisor don't think I would complaint about her.
I'm still pissed off with that supervisor. I wish their management will take action on her.
I will never promote this spa to anyone.
I went to SP Body Wellness Spa before and even though their name is not "Royal", they treat us like a Royal. They call us a day before to reconfirmed, they even call us 10 minutes earlier before the session start just to make sure we are not lost!
Update 28/12/11:
I went to Taman Permata branch early this month and I can say it’s really sucks. Why?
  1. The place is bad, the floor is oily and they did not provide sandals to customers.
  2. Customers privacy is not taken care off, customers in spa can see my bare body at scrub area!!
  3. They don’t scrub my body, just put scrub on me.
  4. Massage is sucks too, I don’t feel like they massage me, I just feel like they just touch and pinch me, with their poor technique, I can massage on my own! Plus they just massage my back, lower back and lower front. NOT FULL body massage.
  5. Facial is awful too, they don’t even clean my white and black heads. Just put something on my face and wash it, and this process is repeated for 3 times and facial is done!
  6. They are not professional. Talking and chit chating with the staff while working. Spend lots of time answer phone and greet customers while massaging and facial session, so they don’t spend 100% time on customers.
  7. Place to put customers bags are not save, no lock.
  8. Place for changing cloths is not suitable as well.
  9. The only thing that is worth is it’s spa.

The rest was awful. I will never go this place ever again. Not worth it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

9 months Sylvia - my Maine Coon mix

6 months has passed and now my Sylvia is 9 months old. She's healthy and still playful. Her weight was up and down all the time. How to maintain her weight? She does eat a lot though. She eats 4 times a day :P

I was hoping she could grow bigger but it seems that her growth kind of stuck when she was 7 months. Probably she had her mother's (persian) genes more than her dad. She has a long body about 157cm from head to butt, and her legs is like a normal cat. Will she still grow?

She's relaxing in my living room with tight face, cause she hates my camera :P

She's sitting in front of my pc, hoping I will give my attention to her or she can play with my monitor when I move around my mouse.

Another tight face... I will try to snap her cute face with big eyes mercy look one day.

Doing her business :P

Check video of her here:

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sickening round 2.

Busy is my best friend lately. Busy with works, busy with friends, busy doing nothing, busy shopping, busy caring my cats, busy preparing for my future, busy with almost everything that I don't have time for my self (finger crossing?).

Busy preparing for my future is what I want to share today. I was called for an interview with 1 of the top company in the world. I was so excited that I was among 3 that was short listed. So I went for the 3 hours interview. The longest interview I ever had and the craziest one. This is the first time I experienced interview with big company and it's totally a new experience for me.

There are 3 round, first was technical questions, second behavioural questions and a study case. The first round was smooth though I could feel that the big boss don't really like me in terms of my technical expertise as he thinks I'm not suitable for that job. He thought that it is not really realistic that I want to work with them when actually they want to become like 'us'. Yeah I have to agree with that but what can I do? My current company management is suck. I need more professional environment now. I'm not wasting my time for a company that do not know how to appreciate it's worker.

Second round about behavourial question. This was a big FAILURE for me!! First of all I never know or study this type of questions. So i'm a bit confused and dumb and don't understand what they trying to get from me. The question was like "let say you make a decision and impact others, tell me about it". In my mind I was like "What? what do u want to know? You want evidence that the decision I made impact others like how bad or good or what?" I'm totally confused and I can't even think of an examples. They throw so many questions about behavourial, I answered and most of my answer is not acceptable! WTF I thought, it's subjectives and why you dont want to accept my answers?

They managed to make me look stupid and that time I'm so pissed off cause my mind is blanked. At that point I thought, this type of questions is nonsense cause people can made up stories as not all experienced such behaviour. I think It's really a stupid way to know people as they can easily lie to them and pretend that they are good. For those who knows this type of questions can made up best answers just to suit the question. As for me, my answers doesn't show the REAL me at all! cause I spend so much time thinking WTH they want if all my answers is rejected. So I thought, that's it I won't get this job... so it makes me out of focus and make me lazy to answer them. End of round 2.

The third round was case study. For me it's quite easy as I think I'm quite good in business thinking and management thinking. They give me 5 minutes to think and they throw me all critical thinking questions and I think I nailed it as it's quite easy. It's just that Im out of focus as my mind was still thinking about the second round interview.

At the end of my interview they said I'm doing very well in round 3, but I think it's already a failure for my "behavioural". That's how they measure it anyway..

So for those who going for interview please do read about behavourial questions and how to tackle it.. I still think it's not the right way to understand people behavourial.. a straight forward questions about someone behavourial and people could just made up story. I think it's better to put a behavourial questions indirectly during the whole interview process, it's easier to see people behavourial this way. I's so unfair for me cause I don't know about it huhuhu..

It's a miracle if I get the job, so... let's wait what it's gonna be.

Here are some good link:

Friday, June 24, 2011

Today I’m not doing anything


Yeah Im enjoying my Saturday… Smile

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Take a break and LOL


gf not period

Best question ever! LOL.

poor duckling

That’s how mummy get rid of not so smart kids


It is a fairy tale.


I agree!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CUN Movie review

I’ve been watching a lot of Malay movies lately. Some director has improved, some are still in their slumber world.


One of the best movie so far this year is a movie by Osman Ali called CUN. Hero of the film was Remy Ishak and the heroin is Maya Karin. Below is the synopsis of the movie:

Luna Latisya is a popular reality TV host for a show called “Meletups” who runs away after finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Feeling heartbroken, Luna and her assistant Tom set off to a rural village in Kedah where she meets Atan, a handsome and kind villager. During her stay in the village, Luna starts to fall in love with the serene and peaceful lifestyle as well as gaining the approval of Atan’s family. However, a complication that happened in the city forces Luna to choose between the village life or return to her fabulous lifestyle back in the city.

I could say this movie is really entertaining, funny, simple, do not make me feel bore, straight to the point, realistic and did show the value of “Kampung life”. It’s really fun actually. It’s very hard for Malaysian movie to produce such film since P.Ramlee.

The line of actors are great, all can act very well including Maya Karin (she’s so stiff normally). Remy Ishak has proved he can be perfect “Hero Kampung”. He really nailed it. I like his character.

This movie use Kedah accent  (loghat Kedah) and all of them can portray it excellently. It’s not so easy though for those who are not native from Kedah to act the accent fluently.


Si Kembang with red cheek

The Kampung life and the family ties in this film is the strongest value that they bring in this movie not to forget the bond between human and the Buffalo (Si Kembang) too hehe. Si Kembang is really a great anim-actor Smile with tongue out.

Overall, this movie is predictable but you will definitely enjoy the funny simple everyday scripts that normal people use (not a schema scripts).hfghdgsdfggds

2 thumbs up. Recommended to watch.

My Rating: 2.5 star

star rating -2.5

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

When will I feel proud for Malaysian movie? I don't know when, but I have to say that I'm a bit proud of this movie Hikayat merong Mahawangsa directed by Yusry KRU base on a legend of Merong Mahawangsa.
It wasn't that good, not that bad, it's just OK. There are still lots of flaws in this movie, to be fair I will give Yusry 2 thumbs up for trying. At least we have KRU to bring in higher technology for Malaysian film industry and they do have high ambitions.
For me, the casting for main character was a bit sad. The characters and persons in this film that make me stay watching this film till the end was Merong himself acted by Stephen Rahman Hughes as well as Embok. Stephen act very well and he's the only person in this film whom I feel really serious with his character as well as Embok, a new comer in Malaysia film industry.

The bad acting was the Chinese Princess (Jing Lusi). She doesn't bring the princess-ness character to this movie and too stiff (I prefer Umi Aida to take her role), I think her maid Ying Ying act far better than her. Marcus, the prince of ROM is totally out. He doesn't have the Roman Prince character but he can fight very well. Another downturn for this movie casting was the Chinese admiral. He's as stiff as the princess.

Apart from that, I think the scripts was a bit "rojak". Watching this movie will make you confuse on what era their language is base on. I love the narrator script as it is the Malays classic language. If the script writer focus more on the classic language to all the characters it would be way better.
The fighting scene has improved. I love it. The only problem was KRU should higher more extras to show that Merong was a king to a group of army, not a group of kinder garden students. It makes the scene empty and very sad especially when they are on the way to attack Garuda. I don't feel that Merong was a great King at all.
Watch the trailer:
To sum up this movie, I can say:
4 stars for trying.
My Rating: 3 stars
star rating - 3
last but not least 5 stars for the poster!

Those unbelievers or anti Malay movie, I suggest you guys to just watch this film it's worth it. Credits to KRU effort :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A night at Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi Pahang


I went for 1 day vacation to Bukit Tinggi Pahang last weekend and stay at Colmar Tropicale a European base design resort by Berjaya hotels.

Colmar Tropicale a relish in century old Alsace charm at this French-themed resort, settled at 2,700 feet above sea-level amidst 80 acres of rainforests.

It is a beautiful place, does make me feel that I’m in Europe for a little while. It took about 1 hour driving from KL to Bukit Tinggi. The drive path is not so steep and zigzag. It was way better than road to Cameron Highland. Colmar Tropicale entrance

Entrance of Colmar Tropicale. This place reminds me of Princess Fiona castle from Shrek movies Smile with tongue out

Colmar Tropicale 3    Colmar tropicale pond

Below the bridge has a small pond with couple of white and black swan entertaining all guests.


Colmar Tropicale view Colmar tropicale

There are several attractions near Colmar Tropicale they are Japanese Village, Botanical Garden, Rabbit park and Horse trail. You have to go to Japanese village & Botanical garden since they charge daily visitors RM12 per entry to both of this park. For me, it’s not really worth to see as it is so small, they have a replica of Japanese house which u can’t enter unless you want to try out kimono dress for RM20. After that you can walk to the guest house replica and take pictures there. I spend less than 20 minutes here just to take pictures of this place.

DSCN1613  DSCN1618

Next to this village is the botanical garden. I don’t go around it, just take few pictures at the entrance. look at this purple seed or flower or fruit.. I don’t know. it’s pretty.

DSCN1662  DSCN1666


Once I’m done with Japanese village and  Botanical garden, there’s nothing much I can do here. So we just walk around the resorts and try our luck playing expensive game. Approximately 3 token per game, 1 token = RM2. I didn’t win anything as usual. I spend my night playing billiard with my siblings Smile with tongue out. Rm3 per game.

DSCN1740- Colmar Tropiacle inside  DSCN1787 Colmar tropicale swimming pool

They do have nice swimming pool. Too bad I forgot to bring my swimming suit.

I stay at 2 Bedroom suite for RM398 inclusive of breakfast buffet for 4 person. It’s cheap cause I bought the voucher at Matta Fair. It was the biggest room I ever stay for a vacation. I love it so much.

DSCN1749  DSCN1748

Picture from second floor room. Yes the room was on top and another 1 is outside balcony. Look how spacious it was.



DSCN1744 - Colmar view from 2 bedroom suite






View of my living room, pantry and dining table. On the right view from balcony.

DSCN1818 Colmar Night view

DSCN1829   DSCN1834

Food here is so expensive. There are few cafes and restaurant here. Medium pizza starting from Rm37, 1/4 chicken set with 2 dishes is Rm25++. If you willing to spend, it’s wise to take their dinner BBQ buffet for Rm55++ per person. 

DSCN1838 Colmar view 3   DSCN1864 Colmar Cafe 2DSCN1856 Colmar  cafe        DSCN1874

That’s my mid year vacation…next hopefully to Thailand!