Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sickening round 2.

Busy is my best friend lately. Busy with works, busy with friends, busy doing nothing, busy shopping, busy caring my cats, busy preparing for my future, busy with almost everything that I don't have time for my self (finger crossing?).

Busy preparing for my future is what I want to share today. I was called for an interview with 1 of the top company in the world. I was so excited that I was among 3 that was short listed. So I went for the 3 hours interview. The longest interview I ever had and the craziest one. This is the first time I experienced interview with big company and it's totally a new experience for me.

There are 3 round, first was technical questions, second behavioural questions and a study case. The first round was smooth though I could feel that the big boss don't really like me in terms of my technical expertise as he thinks I'm not suitable for that job. He thought that it is not really realistic that I want to work with them when actually they want to become like 'us'. Yeah I have to agree with that but what can I do? My current company management is suck. I need more professional environment now. I'm not wasting my time for a company that do not know how to appreciate it's worker.

Second round about behavourial question. This was a big FAILURE for me!! First of all I never know or study this type of questions. So i'm a bit confused and dumb and don't understand what they trying to get from me. The question was like "let say you make a decision and impact others, tell me about it". In my mind I was like "What? what do u want to know? You want evidence that the decision I made impact others like how bad or good or what?" I'm totally confused and I can't even think of an examples. They throw so many questions about behavourial, I answered and most of my answer is not acceptable! WTF I thought, it's subjectives and why you dont want to accept my answers?

They managed to make me look stupid and that time I'm so pissed off cause my mind is blanked. At that point I thought, this type of questions is nonsense cause people can made up stories as not all experienced such behaviour. I think It's really a stupid way to know people as they can easily lie to them and pretend that they are good. For those who knows this type of questions can made up best answers just to suit the question. As for me, my answers doesn't show the REAL me at all! cause I spend so much time thinking WTH they want if all my answers is rejected. So I thought, that's it I won't get this job... so it makes me out of focus and make me lazy to answer them. End of round 2.

The third round was case study. For me it's quite easy as I think I'm quite good in business thinking and management thinking. They give me 5 minutes to think and they throw me all critical thinking questions and I think I nailed it as it's quite easy. It's just that Im out of focus as my mind was still thinking about the second round interview.

At the end of my interview they said I'm doing very well in round 3, but I think it's already a failure for my "behavioural". That's how they measure it anyway..

So for those who going for interview please do read about behavourial questions and how to tackle it.. I still think it's not the right way to understand people behavourial.. a straight forward questions about someone behavourial and people could just made up story. I think it's better to put a behavourial questions indirectly during the whole interview process, it's easier to see people behavourial this way. I's so unfair for me cause I don't know about it huhuhu..

It's a miracle if I get the job, so... let's wait what it's gonna be.

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