Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa (The Reneau Spa) at Plaza Damas review - Rude customer service

I am so pissed off today, supposing my cheerful day out for a spa package was filled with a bad and sucks experience of customer service at this Spa: The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa (The Reneau Spa) at Plaza Damas.
The story goes like this:
I bought the 4 package for this Spa on early September and call them on 13 sept to book for 8/10/11 session. Their staff has confirmed our booking and they do not inform us about anything else.
On 8/10/11, we arrived at Spa, greeted and the supervisor was surprised as she said it's already full.
I told her I booked already and it is confirmed by her staff on 13/9/11. With a tight face, she asked did i reconfirmed again yesterday. I said, no cause I am not told to reconfirmed in fact it's already confirmed.
She asked for the staff name. I said I forgot cause its already a month and if I had, i jot it down in the office. So I asked how come my book is not listed. She said that I should reconfirmed and keep on saying that I should reconfirmed. My name is not in the list thus she said she doesnt know whether I'm telling her the truth. (WTF! how could she blame a customer! what she think that i'm an idiot or a liar and never been to a spa and didn't know that i have to booked first? so I start to piss off).
I said, perhaps she could say her staff name so that i can remember whom i spoke too. She refused cause she said they are busy so could not disturb them.. and then she cant do anything cause it's full anyway (with a rude tone). Then she disappear at the back and she's NOT YET appologize to us.
So I'm so pissed off and talked to my friend saying that she is so rude to treat us this way, no apology and no feeling of regret towards her way treating us.
Perhaps she heard our conversations, she appear again and said she's sorry. I said perhaps you can call your staff regarding this maybe your staff remember me. Again she refused!!!! she said no point to call them cause u did not reconfirmed and your name is not in the list. She said ... If u make the booking your name should be in the list.
I was angrier cause she keep on blaming us, I asked what kind of method u used in making booking, how come your staff said it is confirmed and my name is not in the list??
She said, they should tell her and she would reconfirmed to customer. She said if I call the hand phone number, most probably her staff forgot. So I said well it is your mistakes that your staff didn't jot it down. it is not our mistakes. And she replied to me arrogantly and high tone voice, "I can't say it is our mistake or anybody mistake cause there is no proof that you even make the booking, I can't say my staff is wrong." (WTF!!! she still dont want to admit her staff mistakes and being very rude to us, I even show her my email to my friends saying I called them and confirmed the date).
I told her, I don't like her tone and I don't like the way she treat us. I said I don't care because it is not my mistake that they do not do their job. To my surprise she said "I dont care either if u had make the booking or not cause your name is not in the list and it's full already I cant do anything for u". ( I really wanna slap her!!)
Immediately I asked for her boss number and will complaint about her rudeness. Fuck her.
I deal with this thing a lot and if the company make mistakes, they would just shut up and apologize for their mistakes and would recommend a better solution! This supervisor is shit! How could she keep on blaming us for not reconfirmed?? That's her job to call us and reconfirmed again!! Idiot! Obviously she did not do her job!
Don't tell me because I bought at discount prices they purposely kicked our booking! If this happened I will not hesitate to report to the tribunal. I emailed and call the manager regarding this, perhaps that supervisor don't think I would complaint about her.
I'm still pissed off with that supervisor. I wish their management will take action on her.
I will never promote this spa to anyone.
I went to SP Body Wellness Spa before and even though their name is not "Royal", they treat us like a Royal. They call us a day before to reconfirmed, they even call us 10 minutes earlier before the session start just to make sure we are not lost!
Update 28/12/11:
I went to Taman Permata branch early this month and I can say it’s really sucks. Why?
  1. The place is bad, the floor is oily and they did not provide sandals to customers.
  2. Customers privacy is not taken care off, customers in spa can see my bare body at scrub area!!
  3. They don’t scrub my body, just put scrub on me.
  4. Massage is sucks too, I don’t feel like they massage me, I just feel like they just touch and pinch me, with their poor technique, I can massage on my own! Plus they just massage my back, lower back and lower front. NOT FULL body massage.
  5. Facial is awful too, they don’t even clean my white and black heads. Just put something on my face and wash it, and this process is repeated for 3 times and facial is done!
  6. They are not professional. Talking and chit chating with the staff while working. Spend lots of time answer phone and greet customers while massaging and facial session, so they don’t spend 100% time on customers.
  7. Place to put customers bags are not save, no lock.
  8. Place for changing cloths is not suitable as well.
  9. The only thing that is worth is it’s spa.

The rest was awful. I will never go this place ever again. Not worth it.


  1. "she might win the argument but she loses you and your friends as customers forever" Also in today's social media world, such review will surely found but more people. Hope the operator realize the important of customer service.
    -- SpaMore

  2. Don't worry! You didn't miss much. I bought the coupon too and had the treatment but it was horrible: boss screaming at the staff, interrupted several times as staff loved talking to each other, crappy facial & scrub, so-so massage. I'm never going back there!

  3. OOH MY GOSH! Am i glad or what that someone else been through the hellish experience as I, my sister and mother did. You have written exactly what we went through too! I don't know who to slap though, so called ROYAl malaysian SPA ( note, they even won aa blardy award!) or GROUPON for that matter!

    I called in fact 3 times to reconfirm my booking, when we arrived , we were told that my name is not there.. it so happened to be that groupon helped them to do bookings after Feb this year.. and they did not reconcile their old bookings with the new ones! And the way the apponintments are kept.. my God, my two yr old daughters can keep better written records!

    The staff( Eve, to be precise), not Malaysian, was extremely rude and even told us that we can leave!! We took off , drove all the way to that corner of the world ( Hartamas Outlet) to have this so called ROYAL SPA.

    So we arrived at 4pm, we fought hard to get them to accomodate us, and we were attended only at 6.30pm. Then, the facial was hardly 45 minutes, the cream itched on my skin, bad , foul odour emanated from the girls who did me. We had like 4 different gals attending to us .. the girls complained they were hungry, that they can't cope!

    I even asked this eve , why did they oversell?I could not make out what the answer was, by this time, I was 'brain-dead' to understand her accent! Earlier, we spoke to another supervisor of theirs, Rita, who just hung-up the phone. BTW, the staffs , just keeps disconnecting the telephone whenever it rings! The scrub was awful! Like I don't have to go to a SPA to just have someone apply some cream or whatever on my body, right?! i am wondering now , if this whole thing is some type of SHAM! It's high-time the GOV intervenes and set them all straight! I don't even trust GROUPON anymore for that mattter! I am definitely taking this up further!

  4. Hi Bogo, I dont understand why Groupon still give chances to them. Eve is the manager and it's a shame she being rude to customer as well. They should just close their spa or replace all their rude staffs with smarter and more polite staff if they want their business to success. But I think they only treat people with groupon like that. What ever it is, we need to check review on any spa before buy at discounted website, can't rely on their high standard name or location only. :)