Saturday, December 18, 2010

I have Maine Coon Mix

Hehe.. presented to you my dearest, beautiful cute little Sylvia De La Rosa.

I'm totally out of my mind! I don't know why i'm so tense last week and all i can think off is to have my own purebred Maine coon. After a few days of recce, Maine coon is totally out of my budget approx Rm4000 and above. Crazy right? So i recce for a Maine Coon Mix (Persian + Maine Coon) with average price is Rm1500.

After meeting with the breeder and so many sleepless night (actually 2 nite only) thinking of this cat, i bought her last Friday :p with a good offer Rm1100 & free small cage. Hahaha I still can't believe i bought this expensive cat!

One of the main reason i bought her was because I love cats and I want to breed her. Maine coon is hot in the market currently, for those who can't afford pure breed Maine Coon, they will buy Maine Coon mix. So i want to try to venture into this market. I can foresee my future now, doing things i love, business and having lots of animals, i want to open my own cattery :P

Look at her, she's so sweet and loving. The first day she arrived, she doesn't scared at all, she don't stop playing for hours. I rarely see her sleeping.

She's just 3 months old, and look how big she is, i really hope she can be as big as real Maine Coon. I'm so happy now.


  1. is it your cat in this youtube?

    im also cat lover
    is my cat is also maince coon mix?

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  3. Pretty cat, I have Maineoon mix too... i not have lot of many to buy Pedigree mainecoon so I bought a mix mainecoon cat :) the price about $90,Black and White Tuxedo color, he is so handsome :)

  4. Can I know where to find maine coon breed or mix maine coon breed? Im finding one to buy.i hope you can help me. Your cat is so cute!!