Friday, October 29, 2010

Dream about having a Doraemon

Do u know Doraemon? The blue robot from the future who have a magic pocket with tools that can help u in anything you want? This gus is the famous Doraemon, a japanese anime character:

If someone ask me, which super heroes character that is the best and powerful super heroes? I would say Doraemon is the 1. It is because he have all tools that can help u in any situations which not all super heroes can do. My most favorite tool is the "wherever door".

What will i do with this door? Off course i will go all over the world. As if, I woke up early in the morning in a pent house in Australia, breakfast in Paris,
shopping in London,
watch movies in Hollywood, go for a walk at california beach, having dinner at Bora Bora island and party in Amsterdam.

So how does it sounds like?

Yeah slap your face and dream on....

How many years will it take for somebody to actually create a DORAEMON? thousand years? or perhaps it's never gonna happen?

At least we are expanding and advancing in the robotic field years by years... just look at this fun facts in

My favourite and i think this creepy dog awe me the most:

How the hell they do manage to make that dog so damn stable?
Awesome isn't :P

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