Monday, October 25, 2010

Dinner for Schmucks

Yay! It feels like just a week ago that i'm in August. Hard to realize that it's already in the end of October. Another 2 months we gonna celebrate 2011. We are getting old in no time jeez.

So fella what has happened to you in the past 2 months?

Mine? Nothing change, my life is boring as always.. I can't make up my mind on some issues. My hormone is not stable. I almost delete this blogspot and abandoned it completely. I almost get killed in an accident. I postpone my master again. I hate my job and will quit if i found a new job. I'm becoming more uncertain then ever which makes my life a bit miserable.

However my life is not as miserable as this fella:

2 Thumbs up for DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS. It's damn funny. being around psychopath people will either make u smile or ur life even miserable.

I would like to meet 1 :P

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