Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CUN Movie review

I’ve been watching a lot of Malay movies lately. Some director has improved, some are still in their slumber world.


One of the best movie so far this year is a movie by Osman Ali called CUN. Hero of the film was Remy Ishak and the heroin is Maya Karin. Below is the synopsis of the movie:

Luna Latisya is a popular reality TV host for a show called “Meletups” who runs away after finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Feeling heartbroken, Luna and her assistant Tom set off to a rural village in Kedah where she meets Atan, a handsome and kind villager. During her stay in the village, Luna starts to fall in love with the serene and peaceful lifestyle as well as gaining the approval of Atan’s family. However, a complication that happened in the city forces Luna to choose between the village life or return to her fabulous lifestyle back in the city.

I could say this movie is really entertaining, funny, simple, do not make me feel bore, straight to the point, realistic and did show the value of “Kampung life”. It’s really fun actually. It’s very hard for Malaysian movie to produce such film since P.Ramlee.

The line of actors are great, all can act very well including Maya Karin (she’s so stiff normally). Remy Ishak has proved he can be perfect “Hero Kampung”. He really nailed it. I like his character.

This movie use Kedah accent  (loghat Kedah) and all of them can portray it excellently. It’s not so easy though for those who are not native from Kedah to act the accent fluently.


Si Kembang with red cheek

The Kampung life and the family ties in this film is the strongest value that they bring in this movie not to forget the bond between human and the Buffalo (Si Kembang) too hehe. Si Kembang is really a great anim-actor Smile with tongue out.

Overall, this movie is predictable but you will definitely enjoy the funny simple everyday scripts that normal people use (not a schema scripts).hfghdgsdfggds

2 thumbs up. Recommended to watch.

My Rating: 2.5 star

star rating -2.5

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

When will I feel proud for Malaysian movie? I don't know when, but I have to say that I'm a bit proud of this movie Hikayat merong Mahawangsa directed by Yusry KRU base on a legend of Merong Mahawangsa.
It wasn't that good, not that bad, it's just OK. There are still lots of flaws in this movie, to be fair I will give Yusry 2 thumbs up for trying. At least we have KRU to bring in higher technology for Malaysian film industry and they do have high ambitions.
For me, the casting for main character was a bit sad. The characters and persons in this film that make me stay watching this film till the end was Merong himself acted by Stephen Rahman Hughes as well as Embok. Stephen act very well and he's the only person in this film whom I feel really serious with his character as well as Embok, a new comer in Malaysia film industry.

The bad acting was the Chinese Princess (Jing Lusi). She doesn't bring the princess-ness character to this movie and too stiff (I prefer Umi Aida to take her role), I think her maid Ying Ying act far better than her. Marcus, the prince of ROM is totally out. He doesn't have the Roman Prince character but he can fight very well. Another downturn for this movie casting was the Chinese admiral. He's as stiff as the princess.

Apart from that, I think the scripts was a bit "rojak". Watching this movie will make you confuse on what era their language is base on. I love the narrator script as it is the Malays classic language. If the script writer focus more on the classic language to all the characters it would be way better.
The fighting scene has improved. I love it. The only problem was KRU should higher more extras to show that Merong was a king to a group of army, not a group of kinder garden students. It makes the scene empty and very sad especially when they are on the way to attack Garuda. I don't feel that Merong was a great King at all.
Watch the trailer:
To sum up this movie, I can say:
4 stars for trying.
My Rating: 3 stars
star rating - 3
last but not least 5 stars for the poster!

Those unbelievers or anti Malay movie, I suggest you guys to just watch this film it's worth it. Credits to KRU effort :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A night at Colmar Tropicale Bukit Tinggi Pahang


I went for 1 day vacation to Bukit Tinggi Pahang last weekend and stay at Colmar Tropicale a European base design resort by Berjaya hotels.

Colmar Tropicale a relish in century old Alsace charm at this French-themed resort, settled at 2,700 feet above sea-level amidst 80 acres of rainforests.

It is a beautiful place, does make me feel that I’m in Europe for a little while. It took about 1 hour driving from KL to Bukit Tinggi. The drive path is not so steep and zigzag. It was way better than road to Cameron Highland. Colmar Tropicale entrance

Entrance of Colmar Tropicale. This place reminds me of Princess Fiona castle from Shrek movies Smile with tongue out

Colmar Tropicale 3    Colmar tropicale pond

Below the bridge has a small pond with couple of white and black swan entertaining all guests.


Colmar Tropicale view Colmar tropicale

There are several attractions near Colmar Tropicale they are Japanese Village, Botanical Garden, Rabbit park and Horse trail. You have to go to Japanese village & Botanical garden since they charge daily visitors RM12 per entry to both of this park. For me, it’s not really worth to see as it is so small, they have a replica of Japanese house which u can’t enter unless you want to try out kimono dress for RM20. After that you can walk to the guest house replica and take pictures there. I spend less than 20 minutes here just to take pictures of this place.

DSCN1613  DSCN1618

Next to this village is the botanical garden. I don’t go around it, just take few pictures at the entrance. look at this purple seed or flower or fruit.. I don’t know. it’s pretty.

DSCN1662  DSCN1666


Once I’m done with Japanese village and  Botanical garden, there’s nothing much I can do here. So we just walk around the resorts and try our luck playing expensive game. Approximately 3 token per game, 1 token = RM2. I didn’t win anything as usual. I spend my night playing billiard with my siblings Smile with tongue out. Rm3 per game.

DSCN1740- Colmar Tropiacle inside  DSCN1787 Colmar tropicale swimming pool

They do have nice swimming pool. Too bad I forgot to bring my swimming suit.

I stay at 2 Bedroom suite for RM398 inclusive of breakfast buffet for 4 person. It’s cheap cause I bought the voucher at Matta Fair. It was the biggest room I ever stay for a vacation. I love it so much.

DSCN1749  DSCN1748

Picture from second floor room. Yes the room was on top and another 1 is outside balcony. Look how spacious it was.



DSCN1744 - Colmar view from 2 bedroom suite






View of my living room, pantry and dining table. On the right view from balcony.

DSCN1818 Colmar Night view

DSCN1829   DSCN1834

Food here is so expensive. There are few cafes and restaurant here. Medium pizza starting from Rm37, 1/4 chicken set with 2 dishes is Rm25++. If you willing to spend, it’s wise to take their dinner BBQ buffet for Rm55++ per person. 

DSCN1838 Colmar view 3   DSCN1864 Colmar Cafe 2DSCN1856 Colmar  cafe        DSCN1874

That’s my mid year vacation…next hopefully to Thailand!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate

Prince William a handsome and charming prince is my favourite prince since I was a kid. I follow stories of his life all this years. I never thought I would be really excited about Prince William wedding with Kate though I'm really envy with Kate. It was a true modern fairy tale for me. A prince fall in love with a commoner and they walk through up and down in their relationship and now happily married. How lucky Kate is! (Jealous mode).

I wish it was my life. Not that I want to be a princess that much but to meet the handsome, funny and wealthy prince charming of my own. I wonder how it's gonna be if I'm a true princess? I would be a rebellious princess, and would love to travel around the world and live anywhere I want and I have flows of money that I don't need to worry about. Reality is sickening... :P
Anyway, I think Kate looks beautiful and elegance with her dress. She does have quality of a princess. Both of them looks really in love and perfect together. Yes, I missed those days in my life.. I do have problems believing in such fairy tale nowadays. It's bullshit for me. I just have to wait someone prove me it's wrong.

Kate dress was lovely but too simple for a princess to be. It would be better if she add sequins or diamonds on her lace.

Some people believe she was inspired by Grace Kelly wedding dress. I don't really think that's the case. The top design was more like Malay traditional cloths called Kebaya.

Grace Kelly wedding dress.

Nice Tiara

I love her dinner dress more than her wedding dress. She should wear that diamond belt on her wedding dress.

Happily ever after potrait.