Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CUN Movie review

I’ve been watching a lot of Malay movies lately. Some director has improved, some are still in their slumber world.


One of the best movie so far this year is a movie by Osman Ali called CUN. Hero of the film was Remy Ishak and the heroin is Maya Karin. Below is the synopsis of the movie:

Luna Latisya is a popular reality TV host for a show called “Meletups” who runs away after finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Feeling heartbroken, Luna and her assistant Tom set off to a rural village in Kedah where she meets Atan, a handsome and kind villager. During her stay in the village, Luna starts to fall in love with the serene and peaceful lifestyle as well as gaining the approval of Atan’s family. However, a complication that happened in the city forces Luna to choose between the village life or return to her fabulous lifestyle back in the city.

I could say this movie is really entertaining, funny, simple, do not make me feel bore, straight to the point, realistic and did show the value of “Kampung life”. It’s really fun actually. It’s very hard for Malaysian movie to produce such film since P.Ramlee.

The line of actors are great, all can act very well including Maya Karin (she’s so stiff normally). Remy Ishak has proved he can be perfect “Hero Kampung”. He really nailed it. I like his character.

This movie use Kedah accent  (loghat Kedah) and all of them can portray it excellently. It’s not so easy though for those who are not native from Kedah to act the accent fluently.


Si Kembang with red cheek

The Kampung life and the family ties in this film is the strongest value that they bring in this movie not to forget the bond between human and the Buffalo (Si Kembang) too hehe. Si Kembang is really a great anim-actor Smile with tongue out.

Overall, this movie is predictable but you will definitely enjoy the funny simple everyday scripts that normal people use (not a schema scripts).hfghdgsdfggds

2 thumbs up. Recommended to watch.

My Rating: 2.5 star

star rating -2.5

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