Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Sylvia Maine Coon Mix

My cute naughty Sylvia a Maine Coon Mix is already 6 months old. She's healthy and strong, playful and so pampered.

Having a Mix purebred for the first time is quite challenging for me. They are more sensitives and fragile than a street cat. One new thing I learned is Do Not simply change the food as she can get stomach upset easily. I thought of changing her food with different brand every month since each brand has it's own nutritions and benefits. I gave her Royal Canin, Science Plan and Iams. Currently I just stick to Iams.

She likes to play hide and seek and catch rope!
She wakes me up for breakfast (she will keep kissing my cheek and lay her body on top of my face if I ignore her) at 4 am!
She sleeps a lot during day time and play a lot during nite time.
She doesn't like to drink from her cup, she prefers water in the bathroom (I dont know why). She likes to eat anchovy!
She will say "Ngeng Ngeng" when she's really hungry - weird sounds from a cat.

Her body getting longer than normal 6 months old kitten but her legs just like normal kitten. I wish she will grow more.

Watch her:

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Am Number 4

This film is base on science fiction novel by Pittacus Lore (a pseudonym for james Frey and Jobie Hughes who collaborated on this book). I haven't read the book and probably wont read it. Why I want to watch this movie in the first place? Because they did mention that No 1 is dead in Malaysia. Somehow they didnt show it in the movie. It's weird coz 2 movies I watched this month mentioned about Malaysia. Why suddenly? hehe.

Anyway, the starting (about first 5 mins) was pretty suspense, the beast horrified me a lot. It makes me eager to watch what's gonna happen. For the next hour, the story was a bit boring, it's about Number 4 (John Smith) trying to blend in with his new town, new school and new friends.. not to forget new girl - seems so predictable. It makes me forgot that this movie is about battle between aliens.. it does make me sleepy.
After a while, John finally discovered his new ability - torch light hand! haha. From this moment, he learned how to control his power and understand what was his purpose and why those Mogadorians trying to kill him.

Due to his stubbornness, the Mogadorians manage to tracked him and his guardian was killed by them. He realised that he must get revenge thus he plan to track the Mogadorians. However the Mogadorians manage to trapped him in the school.. This part is a bit stupid for me, cause instead of running away, he wants to follow his girl to school for -- I dont know why.

Ok, so the best part started finally. They were attacked by Mogadorians and their horrified beast. John received help from a girl who turns out to be No 6 and his own beast. The time his dog change to be a beast is really scary to me hahaha..
Then, the battle is on.. bang booom bang... they succeed. The short battle is really awesome to me thanks to those beast. So at the end I think it is quite interesting and i was hoping they will continue to the next chapter.

Last but not least Alex Pettyfer is HOT.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Rango is a melodramatic comedy animation to me. The plot is simple and predictable. It's about a lonely lizard who loves acting and confused of what he wants to be. He fell down from his owner truck and deserted at desert.

His first challenge was to survive! He was chase by an eagle and manage to escape with some luck, not so lucky for the frog though (If i can call it a frog, he doesnt look like a frog though). I love the eagle parts. They should add more plot for this eagle.

Rango moved on and met Beans the heroin in this movie. She's a tough girl and have a bit of short circuit in her brain (watch it n u'll know). She brought her to a small town call Dirt.
In order to blend in the Dirt town, he pretend to be the great killer of Jenkins family. He was lucky that he's stories about his greatness was proved by him accidentally killing the smart eagle, straight away he was appointed as the sheriff of Dirt town.

Rango was at the best of his life, being known and being a Sheriff in the town, what he didn't know is, the history of all their Sheriff and the problems the town face. His true journey starts there when he have to solve the Dirt town problems - To find the robbers who rob their last stocks of water.

Being a responsible Sheriff and again with lots of luck, he successfully solved the mystery of the water and caught the bad guy. He finally found who he was and what he meant to be and off course he found his new love.

Nahhh I'm not gonna spoiled the movie, u have to watch it to know who's the bad guy..

Owl acoustic group - story teller who sang dread songs hoping Rango would be dead

My Rating:
3.5 stars

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Funny drunk Prank

I am a nice girl and never do any prank to anyone so far (I think). However when someone is drunk anything could happen and someone will have to pay for it. I don't drink so I'm save from such cruelty as below:

They really work hard to make this guy's world upside down.

Duck tape rules!

What the?!?!?!

Smily hairy butt. Very creative

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