Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Sylvia Maine Coon Mix

My cute naughty Sylvia a Maine Coon Mix is already 6 months old. She's healthy and strong, playful and so pampered.

Having a Mix purebred for the first time is quite challenging for me. They are more sensitives and fragile than a street cat. One new thing I learned is Do Not simply change the food as she can get stomach upset easily. I thought of changing her food with different brand every month since each brand has it's own nutritions and benefits. I gave her Royal Canin, Science Plan and Iams. Currently I just stick to Iams.

She likes to play hide and seek and catch rope!
She wakes me up for breakfast (she will keep kissing my cheek and lay her body on top of my face if I ignore her) at 4 am!
She sleeps a lot during day time and play a lot during nite time.
She doesn't like to drink from her cup, she prefers water in the bathroom (I dont know why). She likes to eat anchovy!
She will say "Ngeng Ngeng" when she's really hungry - weird sounds from a cat.

Her body getting longer than normal 6 months old kitten but her legs just like normal kitten. I wish she will grow more.

Watch her:


  1. can you look at my cat, is she a maine coon mix?

  2. Hi Mohd.. she does look a bit like maine Coon mix. The obvious charactor would be this mix maine coon is bigger than normal kitten. :)