Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Wedding Prince William and Kate

Prince William a handsome and charming prince is my favourite prince since I was a kid. I follow stories of his life all this years. I never thought I would be really excited about Prince William wedding with Kate though I'm really envy with Kate. It was a true modern fairy tale for me. A prince fall in love with a commoner and they walk through up and down in their relationship and now happily married. How lucky Kate is! (Jealous mode).

I wish it was my life. Not that I want to be a princess that much but to meet the handsome, funny and wealthy prince charming of my own. I wonder how it's gonna be if I'm a true princess? I would be a rebellious princess, and would love to travel around the world and live anywhere I want and I have flows of money that I don't need to worry about. Reality is sickening... :P
Anyway, I think Kate looks beautiful and elegance with her dress. She does have quality of a princess. Both of them looks really in love and perfect together. Yes, I missed those days in my life.. I do have problems believing in such fairy tale nowadays. It's bullshit for me. I just have to wait someone prove me it's wrong.

Kate dress was lovely but too simple for a princess to be. It would be better if she add sequins or diamonds on her lace.

Some people believe she was inspired by Grace Kelly wedding dress. I don't really think that's the case. The top design was more like Malay traditional cloths called Kebaya.

Grace Kelly wedding dress.

Nice Tiara

I love her dinner dress more than her wedding dress. She should wear that diamond belt on her wedding dress.

Happily ever after potrait.

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