Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nite of indulgence

My biggest sins for tonite,
drowning myself with this indulgence,

Volcano Chocolates with vanilla ice cream

Shitake mushrooms baked pasta with cheese

Margherita pizza with extra cheese

last but not least hot moist chocolates for a drink

My goodness, i need to repent... i'm destroying my body and my soul...
I'm loving it

Monday, June 28, 2010

Revolver Maps

I found a very interesting widget tonight called the revolver maps. It's an interactive visitors globe rendered by the Revolver engines where you can actually view your visitors in an interesting 3D globe view and it rotates!

It comes in 4 different types:
  • RevolverMaps Standard
  • RevolverMaps Mini
  • RevolverMaps Plain
  • RevolverMaps Button.
This widget is completely free and you can easily customise it and paste the code into your webpage.

I prefer the standard revolver maps. You can see your visitors flags rotating along the globes which is very interesting. Though unfortunately up till now, i have less then 5 visitors. :( Hope i get more viewer soon hehe.

So click here to get your own revolver maps

here the sample:

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Sunday

It's a lovely morning today, i woke up at 9 am.
Feed my cute bunnies
Feed my cute cats
Brush my teeth
Eat some cakes
Drink Coffee

Check facebook
Update Blogs
Watch hillarious youtube vids

Later i'm gonna go out
Meet my friends
Hang out at her house
Gonna c her new kittens probably i wanna take 1 home :)
Buy tickets for my vacations in July
Go home
Sleep at 1 am as usual

and... uhuks
tomorrow is working days :(
uwaaa uwaaaaa
makes me hate my life all over again.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Horrific disgusting 2 in a cup vids

Oh My God! Not the way usher sing it but totally OH MY GOD fuckingly shocking kind of screams with a greenish fluids trying so hard to flow out of my stomach and vomit my self to death!

That was my reaction among thousands of reactions in youtube (you can found them below) concerning the famous 2 in a cup fetish videos i accidentally got to know from this guy here RaywilliamJohnson.

This is not the worst reactions though, its a bunch of cute army shockingly not too shocking :)

Ok fine these reactions are better.. here we goes:

yeah my reactions was like that blond girl with hair band.. but no exaggerate screaming or laughings.

So u wanna know why they screaming like crazy??? well go google it!! I wont put the video in here.. it's toooo disgusting too watch. I regret watching it!

The fetish movies created in 2007, i was totally outdated about it but what the hell it is as disgusting as fuckingly disgusting act one could ever think off! I dont think its fetish, it's idiotacy! I just had to write it in here!

On top of that, I came accross another disgustings video tonite that i felt like crying in disbelief, go and goolgle BME Pain Olympics Reaction. Let me know what do you think about it???

Besides those disgustings vids, i enjoy watching reactions from cute guys in youtube and one of my favs is these 1. They are so my tastes :P

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Favourite fun links

What's the best things to do when u get bored with your jobs in the office?
Surf the net and read interesting facts!

These are my favourite links enjoy!

Funny facts and oddity of this world

I still love reading comics
my favourites is One Piece!

what makes me hate my life? when i read about Celebrity lifestyles

that's when i want to run away and travel round the world

Friday, June 11, 2010

Owh My Gosh! What is it with me?

Owh My Gosh!

Yeah! i decided to change my blog name.
I think this title suit me better as my life is so damn N O R M A L.
Some people think it's cool to be normal, but to me at 28 yrs old and i'm nothing,
it was like ---->

Owh My Gosh!

I need spices, chilies, curry, vanilla ice creams, pent house, johnny depp, limousines yadayyada
to make my life more Lively and meaningful!

So that when i'm 90 i would say to my grandkids:

Hey kids, i'm 90 but i feel like i'm 20,
my life i so full of fun adventures and successful so that i wont regret it when i'm in hell.

It's so easy to dreams and keep on dreaming.
How should i move my ass to make it happens?

Owh My Gosh!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Afternoon curry dishes

Owhh.. its Wednesday afternoon, i just had my lunch - a very nice "Padang" food. Originated from Indonesia. It's a curry beef and "Pajeri"- a pinepple curry dishes, one of my most favourite dish.

I forgot to take pics so below is samples of Padang food i got from Google.

This one - sample of "Pajeri" pic. It' soooooo delicious!

Who can ever thought of making curry dishes with pineapple?? I salute and thank to the creator of this delicious food :p

I wonder why curry is so famous all over the world and the most weird thing is, why the hell UK has a National Curry Week (21-27 November)? http://www.nationalcurryweek.co.uk/

National Curry Week was started in 1998 to promote the cuisine and to raise funds for charities concentrating on hunger, malnourishment and poverty. During the week, curry lovers can get out and visit their local curry houses, some of which will be staging special events and fun challenges. National Curry Week 2010 again invites curry restaurants, caterers, pubs, canteens etc, all over Britain to celebrate the cuisine and culture with special dinners, record-breaking attempts, raffles, auctions and more, all in aid of contributing to the alleviation of poverty and suffering in South Asia and worldwide

Apart from that, for those who do not know what curry is, it's actually a generic description used throughout European culture to describe a general variety of spiced dishes. Meanwhile the origin of curry name or khari (கறி ) from Tamil words means sauce.

So particularly as for Malaysia, curry is the orange dishes or sauce that use curry leaves and curry spices. Yet we Asian who is well known of variety spices dishes never even thought of having a Curry week :)

Am i making u hungry? What r u waiting for? find your curry now! :P

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The born

The time has come for me to deliver this baby
A baby that could unleash my sadness
That i have carried for so many years
The burden that I've been dragging all this years
The burden that i was born with

I have Heart
I have Brain
and I have Desire that always conflicts with one another
I used to have people who i can shared this burden with me
But now there's no one that i can trust and can understand it
even i myself dont understand it

I need space for me to spilled it out
Since its a modern world, i think blogging could help me a little
I have so many things going on and running in my heart
I have tonnes of desire that i wish i could fullfill
Above all these, my brain will always lead the decissions

However, untill now
I dont know how good my brain has brought me
to become of who i am now

Would you like to share your life story with me?
I hope this blog can be the place for me to write about everything
And no one knows who i am