Friday, June 11, 2010

Owh My Gosh! What is it with me?

Owh My Gosh!

Yeah! i decided to change my blog name.
I think this title suit me better as my life is so damn N O R M A L.
Some people think it's cool to be normal, but to me at 28 yrs old and i'm nothing,
it was like ---->

Owh My Gosh!

I need spices, chilies, curry, vanilla ice creams, pent house, johnny depp, limousines yadayyada
to make my life more Lively and meaningful!

So that when i'm 90 i would say to my grandkids:

Hey kids, i'm 90 but i feel like i'm 20,
my life i so full of fun adventures and successful so that i wont regret it when i'm in hell.

It's so easy to dreams and keep on dreaming.
How should i move my ass to make it happens?

Owh My Gosh!

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