Thursday, June 3, 2010

The born

The time has come for me to deliver this baby
A baby that could unleash my sadness
That i have carried for so many years
The burden that I've been dragging all this years
The burden that i was born with

I have Heart
I have Brain
and I have Desire that always conflicts with one another
I used to have people who i can shared this burden with me
But now there's no one that i can trust and can understand it
even i myself dont understand it

I need space for me to spilled it out
Since its a modern world, i think blogging could help me a little
I have so many things going on and running in my heart
I have tonnes of desire that i wish i could fullfill
Above all these, my brain will always lead the decissions

However, untill now
I dont know how good my brain has brought me
to become of who i am now

Would you like to share your life story with me?
I hope this blog can be the place for me to write about everything
And no one knows who i am

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