Friday, June 25, 2010

Horrific disgusting 2 in a cup vids

Oh My God! Not the way usher sing it but totally OH MY GOD fuckingly shocking kind of screams with a greenish fluids trying so hard to flow out of my stomach and vomit my self to death!

That was my reaction among thousands of reactions in youtube (you can found them below) concerning the famous 2 in a cup fetish videos i accidentally got to know from this guy here RaywilliamJohnson.

This is not the worst reactions though, its a bunch of cute army shockingly not too shocking :)

Ok fine these reactions are better.. here we goes:

yeah my reactions was like that blond girl with hair band.. but no exaggerate screaming or laughings.

So u wanna know why they screaming like crazy??? well go google it!! I wont put the video in here.. it's toooo disgusting too watch. I regret watching it!

The fetish movies created in 2007, i was totally outdated about it but what the hell it is as disgusting as fuckingly disgusting act one could ever think off! I dont think its fetish, it's idiotacy! I just had to write it in here!

On top of that, I came accross another disgustings video tonite that i felt like crying in disbelief, go and goolgle BME Pain Olympics Reaction. Let me know what do you think about it???

Besides those disgustings vids, i enjoy watching reactions from cute guys in youtube and one of my favs is these 1. They are so my tastes :P

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