Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Afternoon curry dishes

Owhh.. its Wednesday afternoon, i just had my lunch - a very nice "Padang" food. Originated from Indonesia. It's a curry beef and "Pajeri"- a pinepple curry dishes, one of my most favourite dish.

I forgot to take pics so below is samples of Padang food i got from Google.

This one - sample of "Pajeri" pic. It' soooooo delicious!

Who can ever thought of making curry dishes with pineapple?? I salute and thank to the creator of this delicious food :p

I wonder why curry is so famous all over the world and the most weird thing is, why the hell UK has a National Curry Week (21-27 November)? http://www.nationalcurryweek.co.uk/

National Curry Week was started in 1998 to promote the cuisine and to raise funds for charities concentrating on hunger, malnourishment and poverty. During the week, curry lovers can get out and visit their local curry houses, some of which will be staging special events and fun challenges. National Curry Week 2010 again invites curry restaurants, caterers, pubs, canteens etc, all over Britain to celebrate the cuisine and culture with special dinners, record-breaking attempts, raffles, auctions and more, all in aid of contributing to the alleviation of poverty and suffering in South Asia and worldwide

Apart from that, for those who do not know what curry is, it's actually a generic description used throughout European culture to describe a general variety of spiced dishes. Meanwhile the origin of curry name or khari (கறி ) from Tamil words means sauce.

So particularly as for Malaysia, curry is the orange dishes or sauce that use curry leaves and curry spices. Yet we Asian who is well known of variety spices dishes never even thought of having a Curry week :)

Am i making u hungry? What r u waiting for? find your curry now! :P

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