Thursday, September 8, 2011

9 months Sylvia - my Maine Coon mix

6 months has passed and now my Sylvia is 9 months old. She's healthy and still playful. Her weight was up and down all the time. How to maintain her weight? She does eat a lot though. She eats 4 times a day :P

I was hoping she could grow bigger but it seems that her growth kind of stuck when she was 7 months. Probably she had her mother's (persian) genes more than her dad. She has a long body about 157cm from head to butt, and her legs is like a normal cat. Will she still grow?

She's relaxing in my living room with tight face, cause she hates my camera :P

She's sitting in front of my pc, hoping I will give my attention to her or she can play with my monitor when I move around my mouse.

Another tight face... I will try to snap her cute face with big eyes mercy look one day.

Doing her business :P

Check video of her here:

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