Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I hate my job

I'm hating my job all over again.
What will u do if u are given a job that is not ur expertise and u have a very short time frame?
U need help, but there's no help is given.
The management do not care much about this project until it's in critical stage and yet i'm the one who need to settle it. WTF.

How do u feel when u work in 'suppose' a big multinational company and 'suppose' to have all the expertise but actually u r all alone and this company is poorly manage.
Your boss didn't care, but 'us' who need to face the clients, and have to feed all the bad reputation and all disappointment from them, yet the boss do not feel anything.

What do u feel when u have high expectation in a big company hoping your future will be as bright as stars but it actually diminish your talents indirectly?
What do u feel when u hope your company could teach u all aspects of professionalism and expertise but they actually trembling to learn by experience and mistake. When they shouldn't face this problem.

What is manager for if your manager don't know a shit about anything? why this people can be manager and earn higher salary when they don't know anything? Aint manager suppose to be the place for his staff to rely on, not the other way around. Yet, this people is kept and the expertise is leaving. WTF.

Why someone would leave their company if the company knows how to appreciate their staffs?
Unfortunately my company don't really appreciate us. All expertise will leave this company after few years. I'm very disappointed.

I'm waiting for my chances.... i need to leave! Enough is enough.


  1. Sorry about hearing this.
    You're not alone in this position.
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