Saturday, November 27, 2010

Harry Potter fever is back

I was lucky i was born in this century. Where imaginations could turn into virtual and fulfill my desire to engage within the world of imaginations. It'll never enough to have your imaginations embedded and blurry in your head. Not until it was portray in what we call as film :p

Don't u love Hollywood for that? Oh Yes I am. So what the hell i'm talking about? Offcourse it's all about Harry Potter!

Harry Potter is 1 of my most favorites wizardry series ever made. The story line is awesome JK Rowling is an excellent writer. Who can ever imagine this books can made her billionaire? Another living creature that i envy. What makes it more marvelous? The awesome graphics and actors! Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson are an outstanding actors. Love them all.

The past 10 years i've been feeding with terrific installment of fantasies movies, now we are about to end this wizardry films, one more to go. :(

Here are my favorite lists:

Lord of the Rings

Pirates of The Caribbean

Star Wars


Whatever it is, Lord of the Rings is the best :P

So, what's next in my lists?---> Avatar and Pirates of the Carribean. :)

I'm still in Harry Potter mood... let's run the movie from start!

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