Monday, January 24, 2011

Manila here I come!

New entry after 25 days! Time really flies like rocket, i didn't notice it at all. So sorry, no new interesting updates except all about my tonnes of workloads. I told u how i hate my work right, well a few thing has happened in the office and i'm hoping there are sunshine after rainy days or i can say rainy years :P.
I foretold there would be a change management if they totally serious about it. I felt so relief that i can spilled all my thoughts n hatred about that company to the managements, i hope they taking it seriously if they want to keep all their technical staff there. If not, cry me a river lah...
Anyway after all the thoughts given, my boss actually sending me and 2 of my collegues to Manila to attend a user conference. I'm a bit happy about it, i love travelling especially a free 1 :P. Since it's a very short notice which i think my boss purposely did, i can't plan for extended vacations there, if not i 'm sure i will go to one of it's beautiful island --> Boracay or probably Bohol. U know how much i love beaches! I felt like crying when i c these beautiful pictures, white sandy beach, crystal clear water.... if only i have a house there or better, own a resort in a beautiful beach.. everyday is vacation to me :P


1 day i will definitely go there. Puuffffff.. back to reality, I will stuck only at Manila. Will it be good? Fun? I dont know, most reviews from my friends said Manila is dangerous. They wont dare to go out at nite. Well, i will see how it goes, i really want to go out at nite, check out their cheap nite market or at least go to the SM mall, biggest mall in Asia. I want to do some shopping. Wanna find cute key chain that represent Manila and probably few clothes. or else i will stuck in the hotel and just jump into swimming pool.

I will continue to update this blog again tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be fine :D

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