Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I spent my whole day traveling, even though Manila is not that far from Malaysia, about 4 hours flight. I took Singapore Airlines so i need to transit to Singapore before fly to Manila, so approximately 6 hours of travelling. Singapore Airlines is quite ok to me, lots of people said it's the best in Asia and i was so lucky to take the plane. I dont know how true it is cause i never fly MAS yet. Tried Cathay Pacific, compare to SIA i think SIA is more spacious. The service not much different. The flight is just ok. Lots of movies and the game is so boring compare to Cathay pacific.

Arrived around 4pm in Manila. Not much interesting view and quite small airport. We took a metered taxi. Unfortunately there was bombing incident in Makati on the way to my Hotel happened in the afternoon. Police shut down a few major road and that cause a heavy traffic jam. It is suppose to be a 20 minutes driving to my hotel, but it took me 3 hours to reach there! Can u imagine how terrible the traffic is?

Nothing much i can do except just sitting in the taxi looking at the traffic, try to compare and find what unique about Philipines. I see lots of Toyota and Honda on the road, fancy jeepey passanger or kind of mini bus. Philipinos driver is more crazy than Malaysian driver. U can imagine how close they drive whenmotorbike can't even drive through. I saw lots of people walking on the road selling junk food too.

PIG plate

After 3 hours, we arrived at hotel- Edsa Shangri La. They have big sniffing dogs and lots of security which they said a normal procedure. They will check the car and the bags. So, the hotel was awesome, nice lobby very friendly services. So i went up to my room it was just ok, not so big for an expensive hotel. After throwing everything and had a nice bath, we went down to find our dinner at the mall. 2 big malls next to my hotel.

Edsa Shang Ri-la lobby
Pool area

My Room
View from my 18th floor room

Shang Ri La Plaza

On the next day, we had our User conference and it was awesome as our big boss from US and also my idol came to make the preliminary speech. It was tiring day, on the evening i went to the mall again and had dinner with all the delegates and caboooom fall asleep.

The next day, i went to few workshops, went for shopping. no where to go except shopping mall as they close everything at 9pm except for pub arund 10-11 pm.

So the conclusion is, i dont really explore Manila cause i have not enough time and the bombing thingy, so my pictures also not so interesting. Maybe next time. :D

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