Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm officially 29

Thanks darling for your wishes! U know I love u too... :p

It was my birthday yesterday. I'm 29!
I thank God for the life I have.
I thank God I'm still alive.
I thank God for all the prosperity that I have.
I thank God for everything I have and live with.

How sweet u are, u know u always turn me on..

Overall I never been this happy,
I just realized I have all the freedom,
I'm free from those who had burden me all this years,
I know I wasted my life for years,
but I assumed it's all for my best.

Except not so happy with my salary, well with my job too.
Still waiting for the interview result, if i got that job it would be the best birthday present ever!
Apart from that, I'm good :)

Famous question i always had: When u gonna get marry?
My favorite answers will be:
Well darling I'm waiting for my Johnny Depp.
You should ask God when He wants me to get marry.
Maybe I'll die before I found my soul mate.
I do not care.. I'm happy being single.

Believe me, marry and have kids is totally not my priority now.
My mind is full of shits all i can think of are..
I'm 29 now when will the end of my life be.
How will my after life be..

What If I die young?

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