Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's Sunday today

I have bad muscle pain all over my body this morning due excessive exercise yesterday. It took me several minute to decide whether i'm able to play basketball or not.

Since i don't want to accept any excuses myself, i just get up and went to play basketball again. Such a rare determination from my lazy ass!!

My playground

When i reach the court there's 1 guy playing basketball, i just ignore him but later he said he want to play with me. So i said fine and waiting for strangers favourite question.. "how old are u?". I don't know why is it important for them to know my age. So i thought i want to lie.. but then as always i just tell the truth :p

He's a college student as i thought so. So we play one on one n have fun laughing at our week skills hehe. Than he told about his passion on basketball, he bought books and even pay class to learn basketball. I was impressed however i can say im better than him except he's way taller than me. He thought me all the basics skills so i just listen and follow him and excel in short time. :)

So we went on playing another 2 on 2 with my nephew and this time i won. Yes my skills is coming back!! Hehe. So one thing i regret, i should ask him to find me if he ever come to play again. At least i have a real person who knows how to play basketball and compete with me!! Seriously he is the only person i ever see playing basketball there. How pitiful it is, normally guys go there to play futsal on basketball court. How irritating it is.

Another interesting day for me.... now i got all this pain attack on arms and legs, dragging my leg as walking. I guess i have to stop playing for few days.

Tomorrow is my registration day.... and i seriously need to find part time work. My bro business will not start as soon as i thought :(. What should I do?

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