Saturday, February 1, 2014

morning sickness??

I think i have this severe morning sickness today. Im doing crazy things today... i woke up at 8, grab my basketball, have a glass of drink and walk to the park and play basketball alone. 🙌👻 (yes after about a month of fail attempts. It's an unbelievable sickness :p)

It's a whole lot new of excitement that i haven't felt for such a long time!! It's felt like i'm a teenager again, a school kid enjoying time throwing basketball into the net for the first time! It's been like 9 years i haven't really play this game. My favourite spot which i'm used to be good at it.

Though i play by myself today.. i got few of high school kids around came and talked to me & join me for a few throw. It's funny to see school kids try to have a chat with me and have that disbelief face when i told them im 31. They was like WOW for a few minutes as they thought im in high school too (it never fails to flattered me looking at those disbelief look everytime i tell someone my age, Haha) and after that i did gave them advice about uni life and professional job.... i don't know why but they seem to like it though. The boy are kind of cute too :p.

My energy for jumping and throwing around only last for 1 hour. It sucks, i wish i can play longer. After that i just sat on the swing and swing for half an hour... relaxing, watching those kid happily play futsal, watching 2 olf man circling the garden for the 20th round probably talking about politics, feeling the cild breeze of air and sunshine on me from between the leaves... i smiled. How could i not doing this since i was working? I used to be an outdoor girl always hang out with friends, play basketball, jogging and have a long gossip enjoying the nature.

It's such a waste. Im happy i really force myself to get up and go out today. It too makes me realise its been such a long time i haven't really went out there and socialise with strangers (apart of vacations). It does feel good and alive.

So im gonna wake up again tomorrow n play basketball again. Should i lie about my age this time? Hehehe

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