Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New year bla bla bla!

Happy Belated New Year!

It's not that I don't have time to update New Year post because I'm in Beijing, it's because I'm so busy with my final semester! So, that's it, that's the main reason why I have to cancel my trip to Beijing. I'm so sad. Luckily it's pay off when for the first time ever in my life I got 4.0! Whoooooooot!!! It's worth it hehe.

So talking about new year --->2014,  everything is still blur. I'm still jobless, still waiting for the opportunity, still need to finish up my master. Still have no idea how am I suppose to get money as I'm so lazy to work!

It's heaven to not working, lazying in the house, watching 150 episodes of one piece in 2 weeks, this is the only anime that I'm following right now, it's funny and superb and I like Luffy character A LOT. On top of that I waste my time watching all latest movies, playing with my cats, watch drama, watch Justin Bieber video and amaze with his cuteness and success story and off course watching my beloved TYLER BLACKBURN.

Tyler Blackburn is the most perfect man alive so far (he has overtook Johnny Depp from my list). He has sexy eyes with cute nose, sexy lips, have sweetest smile and so handsome at the same time. It was love at first sight. AAaaahhhhh.... I wish I found someone who looks like him over here, I will definitely not gonna let him go :P.

Sexy serious look that can melt me in mili second

perfect smile that makes me fall in love with him even more

Innocent look and so damn cute that I will give him anything he wants

There's nothing to say.. just fainted

Seriously I'm a victim of CUTENESS!! I wish he is my lover :p. Well, I had a boyfriend who look like very young Johhny depp at certain angle, with eyes and nose almost similar and so cute. Tyler Blackburn has supersede Johnny Depp and my ex. Sometimes I have this dreamy thought, well I can get someone as cute and handsome as my ex, what if Tyler meet me, will he said I'm cute too and will he be interested in me? hehe. Unfortunately for me, he doesn't know me so can't see how far that theory works. I always have rush in my blood whenever I see Johnny Depp in Arizona Dreams. They are so alike (minus the square face of Johnny Depp). I am still angry with my self for cursing him and letting him go and blame his fucked up grandma and his believe. How I made peace whenever i'm thinking about what had happened? easy, he will regret it when he's dead and I'm happy for him for that, that's what he chose.

My ex had set a very high benchmark... thus that's one of the reason why I am still single for the past 8 years, unless if I'm living in San Diego... probably I'll be having lots of BF instead :p. Damn why there are lack of guys with my taste over here. ahhh Tyler....

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