Monday, October 7, 2013

Busy doing nothing?

Well, I'm officially jobless and am a full time student for a week. Seriously time goes by like a rocket. So far all are good, I'm busy doing my business thingy and classes. I still don't have time to start any of my assignments (as usual) and focus on my master project.

Seems like, I'm not in line with my own schedule except having a good meeting with my supplier. He wants me to join him and get profit sharing from the sales. This is new things for me, not sure how good it is. See how it goes, it could be good or not worth it.

I spend my weekend watching Awkward series. It's a typical teenage series, but as long as there's a cute guy and pretty ladies with a good story, I don't mind watching it :p

So, after gossip girl, my favourite series are:

Pretty Little Liars

This series is the best so far, with so many beautiful ladies, and boys especially Tyler Blackburn! He's so damn cute. I will definitely ask him out if I saw him :p

next, Once Upon a Time
It's an ok series to me, just curious what's going to happen next.

The Games of Thrones
Luckily the third season is quite interesting, if not I'm going to dish this series.
and the last series would be...

The Carries Diaries
Hoping the second season would be better..

As for now, I need to study for this Wednesday Quantitative test. I don't like remote sensing at all...

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